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    How QuickPOST Works?

    Frequently-Asked Questions

    QuickPOST tool allows you to post an item, product or service, to the marketplace without having registered.

    In short, all visitors can post their items instantly.

    If you're using a desktop, you can click the button with the pencil icon, on the right side of your browser.

    If you're on a mobile device, click the plus icon on the toolbar located at the bottom of your screen.

    All the data that will be asked for posting an item is necessary, so that buyers can find your item when they are searching.

    • Location.   Buyers can see your post if they filter their search by location.

    • Category.   Buyers can see your post if they filter their search by category.

    • Amount.   The cost of your product or service. Whole numbers only, in peso... no centavos.

    • Item Title.   The name of your product or service. Keep it short, up to 50 characters only.

    • Description.   Up to 120 characters. Use simple and common words so buyers can search your item easily.

    Personal information are also needed (real name, email address and mobile number) since you, as a visitor, is not a registered member and do not have data stored in the system. These details are important for buyers so that they can contact you directly.

    Unlock Code is a 3-character key that you can use to unlock each of your item posted via QuickPOST tool.

    On the bottom of your post, there is an Inquiries section where buyers can ask you questions about your item, giving you their mobile numbers which will only be visible to you as the author of the post.

    To see these contact numbers, you need to click the icon     to unlock the post. This will also give you the ability to respond to their inquiries.

    You can also reset the expiration date of your post using this code, and even delete the post when your item is out of stock or already sold.

    Together with the information about your post, Unlock Code is also included to the email that was sent to you by the system after a successful QuickPOST`ing. So better keep it in your inbox unless you have already deleted your post in the marketplace.

    Note: This unlock code is not applicable to registered members. They can automatically unlock a post when they are logged in to their account.

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